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Stress. Get over it

It seems like most of us are ‘stressed-out’, much of the time. Whilst a little stress may be good for us, too much pressure can disrupt our ability to cope with everyday life.

Given that nearly half of all work related illnesses are brought on by stress, are there ways we can protect ourselves from its ill-effects whilst still leading busy, full and successful lives?

This session focuses upon identifying the symptoms and preparing for periods of stress. Simple dietary and lifestyle changes can give the body a better chance to cope with anxiety, mood swings and disturbed sleep – and help prevent the adverse health issues that result from them.

Eating for energy

Fact: You don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen prepping bland food you won’t eat anyway in order to enjoy all–day energy and bulletproof health.

Mojow’s expert nutritionists will show you the easiest, tastiest, and most sustainable ways to eat healthier without you having to become being a fanatical 100% ‘raw food’ foodie.

Discover those foods that directly and positively impact your energy levels, mood and confidence. Discover the simple diet changes that will help you sleep better at night and beat stress by day.

Eat for Energy and you’ll get up every day ready to take on the world. Yes, really.

Bounce back &
build resilience

Mental stress and its related problems are among the most common and yet least understood issues for employers. And they can affect the very best of people … even Winston Churchill had his ‘black dog’ follow him almost everywhere.

This workshop will help managers acquire the skills to support staff and to nurture a culture of trust and openness where communication, discussion and disclosure of stress related problems are freely given. It offers practical training in strategies and insights that will help your people’s resilience, and performance, grow.

Sitting comfortably?

Workstations can be source of aches, pains and strains to your back, shoulders and eyes.

So you need to polish up your posture. In this session our expertly qualified physiotherapists will show you what good posture looks like and feels like, and demonstrate ways to protect against bad posture.

We’ll look at your current workstation set-up, tweak what we can whilst we’re with you and pass on ideas that could help in the longer term.

We’ll also show you ways of training those muscles that support good posture and leave you with some simple stretches and exercises you can do at your desk.

What working
mums-to-be want

The commute, the workload and the payload combine to make working whilst pregnant extra strenuous in the run-up to the big day.

So we’d like to offer a few ways to put some of the pleasure back into pregnancy for working mums-to-be.

Combine our massage treatments, reflexology, aromatherapy and nutrition workshops into a flexible programme that makes mums-to-be feel happier and healthier in those difficult last few months at work.

The best 15 minutes
of the working week

There’s nothing quite like that feeling you get from a really good workplace mobile massage. You feel the benefits from it all week. Your business could see the benefits all year round. Tension, stress and muscular problems cost hundreds of pounds a year, per employee, in absenteeism.

Our remedial massage treatments are easy to slot into a busy working day. There’s no need to undress and we don’t use messy oils. Working on your head, neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands, we use deep tissue, acupressure, stretching and breathing techniques – all in the comfort of our very comfy chair. But if space is really tight we can even come to your desk; our Indian Head Massage is an amazing 15 minutes of lovliness your own workstation.

Talking tough, gently

The skills needed to manage difficult conversations and behaviour are often described as ‘soft’ skills. But there’s nothing soft about dealing with an emotional or confrontational employee.

Get it wrong and the employee may go absent, work less effectively or you may get landed with a grievance. Get it right and you can improve levels of performance, attendance and employee engagement.

This workshop will show you how to prepare for difficult or challenging conversations, how to manage and control the workplace discussion process and how to ensure you are talking to employees in as productive a way as possible. You’ll leave with improved confidence and enhanced knowledge about the skills needed for reducing stress, taking action and tackling difficult conversations head on.

Get fit for a challenge

Look around any company these days and it’s easy to see that team and individual endurance sports events are getting more and more popular.

Running, cycling, swimming; for charity, fun or bragging rights are the free time activity of choice for growing numbers of health-conscious people.

So why not show your support and commitment by arranging a mix of treatments and workshops that will help then achieve their goals.

A regular treatment programme of sports massage perhaps, or workshops on sports nutrition provide invaluable and practical help for office based athletes looking to challenge their personal best.

Sports massage

Sports massage helps reduce athletic aches and pains, whether caused by sport, injury, or the stresses and strains of modern life.

All our sports massage therapists are the best in the business. A sports massage at work takes 30 minutes on our special massage bench. Sessions provide a wonderful, dynamic deep tissue massage to relieve muscular tension and stress in the head, neck, back, shoulders, arms and legs.

Lots of your people run Marathons or climb mountain roads on bikes for fun or for charity. Soothe those aching muscles with a one hour massage during training and ensure that everyone hits the start line in tip-top condition.

Workplace wellbeing

Most people spend a majority of their waking hours at work, which means they make many of their choices about their fitness and nutrition whilst there.

And whilst it’s hard to nail down an ROI on improved health in a business environment, it can be important to try.

In this session we’ll look at some of the ways you might do this. We’ll look at ways to ensure that your spending is made as efficiently as possible. We show how workplace wellness program decisions are so much more effective when you create an environment that can back up behavioral changes. And lastly of course we’ll look at how to formally evaluate your workplace wellness program.