Stress in the workplace

Stress in the workplace

Monday morning and the call comes in from a member of your team. They’re not coming in to work… illness.

But are you sure it’s the migraine they say it is? A headache? The Flu?

Chances are, it could be something else. Something that they’d rather not divulge to you.

It could be stress that’s keeping them away from work.

The UK economy loses more than £17 billion a year through workplace absenteeism, therefore it is now becoming even more important for companies to start tackling issues such as stress in the workplace.

Mental health amongst employers is still a taboo subject but some employers are beginning to realise the impact on business and productivity.

Currently one in six employees are thought to suffer from mental health problems such as stress, depression or anxiety.

At mojow we work with business leaders to combat the stigma attached to mental health and change the approach to mental health. We encourage the topic to be discussed openly and with trust. We help to combat the stigma attached to mental health.

We aim to give employers a better understanding on how to support staff with mental health problems. We teach managers how to pick up early warning signs of stress and equip them to act quickly.

To find out more about innovative and effective ways of managing stress – through mindfulness, nutrition and strategies for achieving a more balanced work-life balance – give us a call on 020 7127 4317. Or drop us a line at


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